Tuesday, 2 October 2012

WWIFY AR:SE - WW1 Fantasy Rules now available FREE to Download

The WW1 Fantasy Rules I wrote for this year's Salute game are now available to download (many thanks to Orkdung for his help getting these sorted).

As with previous rules sets, the rules are FREE to download - I would ask though that if you use them and like them, that you consider making a small donation to Combat Stress via my justgiving page - the link for which is on the righthand side of this page (just click on the Combat Stress logo to go to my secure Justgiving page).

One final request - as with all my rules i'm happy for gamers to share them - if you do pass on the link, pelase send people the link to this blog, not the one direct to the blog.  This simple request is nothing to do with directing traffic to my blog (I don't have any advertising, and couldnt give a monkey's about hits) its rather so that they read the message about the Combat Stress appeal.

Thanks again for your support.