Monday, 18 April 2011

BAD AR:SE Modern Skirmish Rules - Now Available to Download (FREE)

The BAD AR:SE rules that we used for the Frothers Battlefield game at Salute, are now available to download, from this page. As, with the other rules sets on my blog, they are free to download.

I would ask though, that you consider making a small donation to Combat Stress (afterall, hopefully you will like the rules, and thus save yourself a few pennies in the process). If you would like to do so, then please just click on the Combat Stress logo, on the left hand side of this page, which will take you to my Justgiving page, dedicated to Combat Stress, where you can make a secure donation either by credit card or paypal.

PLEASE NOTE: Any donations are purely voluntary - you don't need to make a donation, to download the rules.

To download the rules, just click on the BAD AR:SE logo, on the left hand side of the page - there is a separate link, below it, that contains the counters (you will need to print multiple copies of the ammo page, as you need 12 counters per squad of 4 soldiers, if you use the ammo rules).

Enjoy your gaming, and thanks again for your support!