Tuesday, 2 October 2012

WWIFY AR:SE - WW1 Fantasy Rules now available FREE to Download

The WW1 Fantasy Rules I wrote for this year's Salute game are now available to download (many thanks to Orkdung for his help getting these sorted).

As with previous rules sets, the rules are FREE to download - I would ask though that if you use them and like them, that you consider making a small donation to Combat Stress via my justgiving page - the link for which is on the righthand side of this page (just click on the Combat Stress logo to go to my secure Justgiving page).

One final request - as with all my rules i'm happy for gamers to share them - if you do pass on the link, pelase send people the link to this blog, not the one direct to the blog.  This simple request is nothing to do with directing traffic to my blog (I don't have any advertising, and couldnt give a monkey's about hits) its rather so that they read the message about the Combat Stress appeal.

Thanks again for your support.


Monday, 18 April 2011

BAD AR:SE Modern Skirmish Rules - Now Available to Download (FREE)

The BAD AR:SE rules that we used for the Frothers Battlefield game at Salute, are now available to download, from this page. As, with the other rules sets on my blog, they are free to download.

I would ask though, that you consider making a small donation to Combat Stress (afterall, hopefully you will like the rules, and thus save yourself a few pennies in the process). If you would like to do so, then please just click on the Combat Stress logo, on the left hand side of this page, which will take you to my Justgiving page, dedicated to Combat Stress, where you can make a secure donation either by credit card or paypal.

PLEASE NOTE: Any donations are purely voluntary - you don't need to make a donation, to download the rules.

To download the rules, just click on the BAD AR:SE logo, on the left hand side of the page - there is a separate link, below it, that contains the counters (you will need to print multiple copies of the ammo page, as you need 12 counters per squad of 4 soldiers, if you use the ammo rules).

Enjoy your gaming, and thanks again for your support!


Saturday, 5 March 2011

One Small Request

All of the AR:SE (AKULA'S RULES: SKIRMISH EDITION) rules sets, are, and will continue to be free to download.

I would, however, like to make one small request, which could potentially make a real difference to someone's life.

I am trying to raise some money for The Combat Stress Charity - the UK's leading military charity specialising in the care of Veteran's mental health. Whatever your personal politics, I hope that you will agree that our servicemen, and women, deserve our support.

If you decide to download, or have previously downloaded, one or more of the AR:SE rules sets, I would greatly appreciate it, if you could find time to make a small donation, to Combat Stress, by clicking on the link, on the left hand side of this page - the link will take you to my Just Giving page, which will allow you to donate in a secure manner, to The Combat Stress charity.

Hopefully, the rules on this page, will give you, and your gaming friends, some enjoyment, and given the fact that they are free to obtain, will hopefully save you a few quid, in the process.

Any donation to Combat Stress would be greatly received.

Best Regards


Sunday, 16 January 2011

AKULA's Rules :Skirmish Edition (AR:SE)

AKULA'S Rules:Skirmish Edition (AR:SE) started as a bit of a joke amongst friends.

A bunch of us were running a participation game at Salute, a few years back, and needed a set of rules for a game with upwards of 500 individually based figures (mostly zombies), for up to 8 players, at a time, that would last no more than roughly 2 hours. Most of the players would not have seen the rules previously (or be hungover on the day), and so the rules needed to be quick to pick up, and fast-playing.

The original draft was literally written on the back of an envelope - in the past couple of years, nearly a thousand gamers have played one of the variants, or at least downloaded the rules.

Since, the first draft of AR:SE, for the Salute game, the rules have been tightened up, through gaming them on a regular basis, and rules have been added for different types of zombies. This revised set "Total AR:SE", now forms the basis of most of my zombie games, and is free to download from this page.

Feel free to tweak the rules, as you see fit, but I would appreciate it, if you don't claim credit for them, or try to make money on the back of them. They are intentionally brief - the temptation will be, to keep adding rules, for greater "realism", but this misses the point of the rules set. My philosophy is to play what I call "mass skirmish" games, ie lots of figures on the table, but you still get a result, in a reasonable amount of time. Extra rules could over complicate things, lead to disagreements, or unbalance the mechanics of the game, and so should be treated with caution.

The second set of rules, on this page - "Half AR:SE'd" were written for a participation game, I ran in 2010, for Hasslefree Miniatures. This variant has weapons specific to the Hasslefree game, and added rules for the Hasslefree Alien races, including the Mawe, and the Mesaan.

I am currently working on the version for one of the Frothers games for Salute 2011 - the game is a tabletop homage to the Battlefield Bad Company 2 game, and the rules will be called "Bad AR:SE".

Future variants will support by other projects, so expect to see other rules for Aliens, Robots etc - all will be free to download.

Enjoy your gaming!